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  1. How will I get my drawings?

  2. What all will I receive

  3. Can I make changes to my plans after I purchase them?

  4. Can I duplicate the plans?

  5. During construction is Logical CAD Solutions available to answer questions?



How will I get my drawings?

The Drawings are immediately available after purchase. The drawings come in a single easy to use bundled PDF which will be emailed directly to you after purchase.


What all will I receive?

It’s different based on the package you select. You have two options available to you. Construction package or schematic package


Schematic package

This package includes (24”x36” sheet size) reference floor plans and exterior elevations. This plan is priced to help you evaluate whether it’s the right home design for you.

  1. Cover sheet – Notes, Legend

  2. Floor plans – Layout drawing

  3. Exterior elevations – showing window, doors and exterior materials


Construction package

There’s a lot of value in this package its intended use is for permitting, pricing and construction of the whole home. The (24”x36” sheet size) drawings include specifications and details that you would find from any other high end residential architectural design studio.


  1. Cover sheet – Notes, legend, door schedule, window schedule

  2. Floor plans – Dimensioned

  3. Framing plans

  4. Exterior elevations – showing windows, doors and exterior materials

Can I make changes to my plans after I purchase them?

Yes, we do this often. It’s your house, we want it to be right for you. All you would need to do is.


  1. Contact us via phone or email and we will take a look at the intended modifications. Please be sure to send along any pertinent sketches, magazine cut out pages and a detailed description prepared. We will modify the detailed estimate for you.

  2. When the estimate and written change description meets your approval, next step is for you to purchase the plans along with half of the time cost we quoted you to modify your drawings. This acts as the deposit and it’s our cue to begin making changes to your plans per your request. Shortly after we receive the order. We will confirm with you through email the expected turnaround time.

  3. We will contact you when the design changes are completed and request the half balance of time cost for the modifications. Upon receipt of that order, we will email you finalized modified bundled PDF package.


Can I duplicate the plans?

Yes, they are your plans. Remember the License for use in construction are for one home. You can freely distribute the plans, to contractors and subcontractors so they are able to price and build your home. We retain the copyrights for the plans but allow you to use them for the plans but allow you to use them for the duration of your project.


During construction is Logical CAD Solutions available to answer questions?

Yes, we would consider it an honor to consult with you and guide any remaining decision you may need to make. (See our hourly rate) contact us to schedule an appointment to talk.

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